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At Washington Trust, the basis of each customer relationship, many of which span generations, is trust. You have chosen to do business with The Washington Trust Company, and we honor that relationship with great care, beginning with the information you have chosen to share with us. We take your security and privacy seriously and take extra steps to ensure that your information is protected.

While we work toward protecting the confidentiality of your information, customers need to take appropriate precautions to protect their information as well. Here are some ways to protect your information while using Online Banking, Mobile Banking and the Internet:

  • NEVER reveal your username or password to anyone. They are designed to protect the privacy of your banking information.
  • Periodically change your password. This will help ensure the safety of your information.
  • Don’t leave your PC unattended during an online banking session.
  • Review your account statements regularly and report any unauthorized activity as soon as possible.

Here are some helpful links with more information on how to protect your information and the steps you should take if you think you have become the victim of identity theft or fraud.

Telephone Banking Safety Tips

Being aware of Vishing is an important part of telephone banking safety. Vishing (or voice phishing) is when fraudsters obtain personal details through the phone asking you to reveal or key-in confidential details. Fraudsters could contact you via calls, text messages, voice messages, etc. Please ensure that you do not respond to such unsolicited communications.

You know that it is an attempt at vishing when:

You receive promotional messages asking you to provide confidential information.

You receive calls made from persons claiming to be a bank representative who do not know your first and last name. Keep in mind, Washington Trust will never call to ask for your Social Security Number, Account Number or Debit Card Number. If you receive a call from someone indicating they are from Washington Trust or are affiliated with a service; and personal identifying information is requested, hang up and contact Washington Trust directly.  

You receive an automated call telling you that transactions have taken place on your account and instructing you to either provide confidential bank account information or call back a particular number. Always refer to advertised Telephone Banking phone numbers from Washington Trust (800-226-5877 or 401-348-1399). If the telephone number seems suspicious, do not provide any information whether you’re talking with a live person or responding to automated prompts using a touch tone phone.

Additional telephone safety tips:

• Do not share or write down your account number or PIN.

• Select a PIN that’s easy for you to remember but that is not easily researched. Avoid using the last four digits of your Social Security Number, Account Number or Date of Birth. Also, avoid simple sequences such as 1234 or 1111.

• Do not access the telephone banking system through public phones.

Check back next month for more ways to protect your privacy.



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