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College Grads: Setting Out on Your Own?

Preparing to be out on your own can be fun and exciting, but it also means taking on new financial responsibilities. The decisions you make now about how you manage your money can affect your ability to get credit, insurance, a place to live, and even a job. #FinancialLiteracyMonth

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Vacation Homes May Play an Integral Role in Your Retirement and Estate Plans

While a vacation property can be a treasured retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life, viewed from an investment perspective, it could also make a relatively safe, long-term addition to a family's net worth. For retirees or those approaching retirement, vacation property may offer special options for managing their finances and estate plans.

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Four Tips for Tax-Savvy Investors

A century ago, author Mark Twain wrote that the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector is that the taxidermist takes only your skin. Today, the IRS isn't any more popular. Why not see if any of the following strategies could allow you to keep more of what your investments earn?

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Financial Literacy and National Financial Capability Month

In March 2011 President Obama issued a proclamation establishing April of each year as National Financial Literacy Month. The creation of National Financial Literacy Month was an effort to highlight the importance of financial literacy and teach Americans how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits. 

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How Rising Interest Rates May Affect Your Estate Planning Strategy

Interest rates are a key driver in today's economy and financial markets. They also can have a direct impact on certain estate planning strategies. Wealth holders who plan to transfer assets to heirs or charities via trusts may need to consider how the current upward trend in interest rates could help or hinder their plans.

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