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Quicken is a personal financial management software that helps you track and manage your finances and assets. With Washington Trust's Online Banking you can easily import your transactions into Quicken all in one place. We provide the tools to help you and your family better manage your savings and spending.

Quicken User Information

Q. What versions of Quicken are supported with Online Banking?
A. We support the current year version and two previous year's versions.

Q. Can I import my transactions into Quicken with Online Banking?
A. Yes. You can import your transactions from within Quicken through a direct connection to Online Banking. Simply follow these instructions for Quicken Import.

Quicken Import

  1. At the Quicken main navigation, select Online, Participating Financial Institutions.
  2. The Quicken Online Services screen displays, click on Continue. The Apply for Online Financial Services screen displays, select The Washington Trust Company (please go to the T's in the list) from the Financial Institution Directory (Note: If you see two “The Washington Trust Co”. choose the second one).
  3. Click on Apply Now.
  4. The Welcome to Personal Manager Registration Screen displays. Enter your SSN with no dashes and your online banking password, click on Register.
  5. Complete the registration form and click submit enrollment.
  6. Verify registration information and click confirm.
  7. Enrollment Complete screen displays, close out of screen.
  8. From the Quicken Main menu, select Online, Online Account Services Setup.
  9. Select Create New Quicken Account and click Next.
  10. Enter the name The Washington Trust Company and click Next.
  11. At the How do you want to set up your WTC accounts, select Yes, click Next.
  12. At the Quicken Account Setup screen enter your SSN with no dashes in the Customer ID field and the password you established on the registration form in the PIN field. Reenter the password. Click on Next.
  13. At the Quicken Account Setup screen your online banking accounts display. Select each account, click on Next.
  14. Verification of settling the following accounts in Quicken screen displays. Click on Done.
  15. A confirmation message displays stating your transactions successfully imported.
  16. Access your account register to view your transaction information.

Q. What is Direct Connect?
A. Direct Connect allows you to connect to Washington Trust's Personal Online Banking through your Quicken personal financial management software through a secure password. After you have established Direct Connect access, you can automatically import and reconcile your transactions all in one easy step. Here are complete instructions for Quicken Import.

Q. Can I transfer funds between my Washington Trust accounts within Quicken?
A. Yes, with Direct Connect you can transfer funds between your checking, savings and money market accounts.

Q. Who do I contact if I have problems with importing my Quicken transactions?
A. If you need help establishing Direct Connect access or to reset your PFM password, please contact our Customer Service Center at 800-475-2265 or 401-348-1200. For all other technical issues please visit the Intuit Quicken support site at www.intuit.com/support/


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