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The heart of your wealth management plan is your investment strategy. Your personalized investment plan integrates your financial goals with your time horizon, tax situation, risk tolerance, and specific circumstances. Based on these considerations, we build a tax-efficient portfolio for you, employing our expertise in asset allocation, security selection and access to the world's top money managers.

Washington Trust's seasoned investment professionals offer tailored portfolio management solutions designed to bridge the gap between your financial resources and life goals. While each client situation is unique, we adhere to several fundamental beliefs that drive our investment recommendations:

  • Diversification - Mitigate risk, enhance return
  • Discipline - Proven success yields long term results
  • Best-in-class asset management - Identify and recommend the best solutions whether internally or externally managed
  • Goal Driven Asset Allocation - Strive to achieve an efficient portfolio

Investment Process

Step One - Define Needs, Objectives and Constraints
Through our planning process, we help to define your investment goals, return and cash flow requirements, and risk tolerance.

Step Two - Develop Investment Strategy
Based on your needs and preferences, we work with you to create your personal investment policy, including the formulation of asset allocation strategy, which ultimately guides the investment selection process.

Step Three - Monitor Results
Investing is a process; the initial selection of investments is only the beginning. Washington Trust constantly evaluates the fundamentals underlying your investments and monitors performance against established benchmarks.

Step Four - Review
We analyze your portfolio on an ongoing basis and make adjustments based on an assessment of the financial markets, as your evolving goals and changing life needs.

Washington Trust's dedicated team of pro-active wealth management advisors - many of whom hold specialized designations such as MBA, CPA, CFP, CFA, ChFC, CTFA, and/or JD - is committed to long-term relationships. To arrange an appointment at any of our offices or your home or business, please call 800-582-1076 or contact us.

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