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Wealth Management Investments

Washington Trust Wealth Management has a proven record of outstanding performance in portfolio management for individuals, endowments, pension funds, corporations, and municipalities; investment policy and strategy formulation; and investment research.

Our success is based on focusing on a single goal - preserving and increasing the real value of your assets, while providing sufficient cash flow for your specific needs. We do this through intensive and effective asset management and a rigorous decision-making process. Our talented and experienced investment professionals - many of whom hold advanced degrees and specialized designations such as MBA, CFP, CFA - conduct extensive research and develop a comprehensive investment policy that serves as a blueprint for achieving each client's goals.

The Process
Defining Your Objectives
Asset Allocation
Experienced Counsel
Why Washington Trust Investors?

The Process Begins With You

We believe that effective investment management begins with clearly defining your objectives.

  • We assist you in clarifying your individual investment parameters, including your tolerance for risk, your cash flow needs, and your thoughts on preserving or increasing the real value of capital and income.
  • We then identify an appropriate asset mix after reviewing the economic consequences of several alternative strategies.

Defining Your Objectives

A series of fundamental questions orients us to your portfolio design. What level of cash flow will you need from your portfolio? Can the total return method be used or is the principal restricted? Will you need to make significant withdrawals? What is your tolerance for risk or volatility in the annual rate of return?

  • We establish benchmarks to measure relative investment performance.
  • We also work with you to define realistic performance goals, and to determine measurement timing and criteria.
  • Guidelines for asset classes and diversification are set. If a retirement plan is involved, we determine the actuarial assumption and method of smoothing to be used.
  • Consideration is also given to the demographics of the major participants and their employment term expectations.

Asset Allocation: The Foundation of Your Portfolio

Asset allocation is critical to maximizing returns and minimizing risk. We believe that a long-term commitment to equities will continue to provide superior rates of return.

  • No particular class of stocks large cap, small cap, growth, value versus international, is favored. Rather, we believe in investing in businesses with outstanding prospects at reasonable prices.
  • We also believe that fixed income securities should be managed actively to produce income.
  • Special situations are sought to enhance returns without the assumption of corresponding incremental risk.
  • Spread analysis and inflation assumptions determine asset selection.
  • Significant cash reserves may be employed as new funds are being invested.

Experienced Counsel

Each member of the team has extensive experience in portfolio management for clients with diverse objectives and requirements; formulation of investment policy and portfolio strategy; primary research and the utilization of external sources; and the application of technology to the investment management process.

Why Select Washington Trust Wealth Management?

The long-term relationships that we enjoy with clients are made possible by our dedication to quality, and the timely and meaningful communications that we provide. We deliver effective results through intensive portfolio management and strict attention to each client's objectives and asset allocation.

To arrange an appointment at any of our offices or your home or business, please call 800-582-1076 to contact us.

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