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Building Wealth in Your 20'sThere are so many things to love about being in your 20's; you have ample time to explore new and exciting career opportunities, and to build independence. You also have valuable time to do something that will be very important when you get older — build your wealth.

Financial caregivers play an important role in ensuring that all finances — from routine to complex — are managed wisely, helping their loved ones maintain the best quality of life possible.

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As college students head home for Thanksgiving break and realize that their bank accounts are no longer “stuffed” from their summer jobs, it’s the perfect time to review some money management tips. It’s important for college students to take control of their financial future by saving wherever and whenever they can. They should treat personal finance like a second major and avoid unnecessary expenses now to reduce financial burden when they graduate.

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People hear and read about the Federal Reserve (Fed) rate cuts, but don’t often know what this means for their personal finances. Is this the time to buy a new home or refinance your home? Is it a good time to borrow for home repairs or a new car? Should I invest in short or long-term CDs, money market accounts, or leave money in savings? Al Grant, Senior Vice President, Mortgage Origination was recently featured on The Rhode Show to discuss this topic.

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Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices as "mobile wallets" to pay for goods and services, downloading software that allows them to complete both mobile and in-person transactions. As the use of mobile wallet services increases, consumers need to protect their smartphones, mobile wallet applications, associated data, and mobile wallet services from theft and cyber-attacks.

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You’ve heard of traditional savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit, but what are the differences, and which option is best for you?

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At Washington Trust we have taken every precaution necessary to be sure our customer’s information is transmitted safely and securely, but you should always take precautions yourself to shield your money and your existing accounts. Here are a few best practices we recommend.

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With summer over and the end of the year quickly approaching, fall is a great time for a cleanup. But that cleanup doesn't just have to involve your yard; it's also a great time to get your financial affairs in order before the busy holiday season starts and tax season is upon you.

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As college students head to campus for the fall semester, money management should be on their personal syllabus. Here are 10 tips to help college students form a strong foundation.

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As seen on The Rhode Show - It’s important to be aware of all of the costs associated with a home purchase and home ownership so that you are well prepared and avoid any surprises along the way.

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