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People of Washington Trust: Melissa Anderson
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There are so many reasons to choose Washington Trust, one of which is our people. In this edition of our new “People of Washington Trust” series, get to know Melissa Anderson, Manager of the Washington Trust branch on the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island (229 Waterman Street).

Favorite ways to spend my time: Enjoying the lake we live on, handcrafting soap and baking sweet treats.

I’d like to be remembered for: My dedication.

Time I went “above and beyond” the call of duty: Wandering around in the woods of Richmond, filming a Washington Trust Supervisory boot camp video… army décor and all!

Top of my bucket list: Take a hot air balloon ride.

When I was a kid I wanted to be: A businesswoman

First job: Ski Instructor

Favorite book: The Four Agreements

Favorite music: Eric Church. Country music is my jam.

Favorite film: I’m not a movie person! My husband can attest to this, we have so many movie ticket gift cards at home!

Favorite TV Series: Homeland

Pets at Home: Dollie, our Maltese-Yorkie mix – better known as a Morkie

Trait I most admire: Trustworthiness

Favorite quote: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Can’t live without: My family - they are the backbone to my life. Dollie is included in the family. 

Best Advice: I have two pieces of advice I love to give. First, be impeccable with your word. And second, the key to success is continued effort - no matter how impossible achieving a goal may seem, keep trying.

I’d love to meet: Michelle Obama. She is a woman of power, but so relatable. She embodies kindness. 

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