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Discover why Washington Trust Mortgage Company is the lender homeowners throughout New England turn to for all their financing needs. Not only will we provide you with exceptional service every step of the way, but local decision-making and loan processing makes getting a mortgage quick and easy.

For most people, purchasing a home represents a major milestone. Often, it is the single biggest investment that you will make, one that will become the foundation for your financial well-being. Determining the best way to fund your purchase will go a long way towards helping you build equity in your home. And down the road, tapping your equity may be a way to achieve other goals that you have - purchasing a second home, funding an education, or making home improvements.

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Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixed rate loans feature an interest rate that remains unchanged for the life of your loan. They are ideal if you prefer a consistent mortgage payment or if you are on a fixed income. Fixed rate loans are a popular choice for new home purchases, refinancing an existing home and consolidating bills into one, consistent monthly payment.

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How much will my fixed rate mortgage payment be?

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

Adjustable rate mortgages feature an interest rate that is lower than fixed rates for a period of time and then may change annually based on a specified index rate. ARMs are an attractive option if you expect a rapid increase in your income in the next few years and wish to maximize your purchasing power now. A wide range of ARMs are available.

How much will my adjustable rate mortgage payments be?

ARM Product Feature
1 year ARM The rate* on this loan may change every year.
3/1 ARM This loan has a fixed rate* for the first 3 years and then may change every year thereafter. This loan is attractive to those borrowers who want a lower rate than the fixed loans/products offer or who believe that interest rates may drop over the next 3 years.
5/1 ARM This loan has a fixed rate* for the first 5 years and then may change every year thereafter.
7/1 ARM This loan has a fixed rate* for the first 7 years and then may change every year thereafter.
10/1 ARM This loan has a fixed rate* for the first 10 years and then may change every year thereafter.

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*In these programs, the initial interest rate is fixed for a period of time and then the interest rate may change annually (increase or decrease) in line with movements in the index rate specified in the corresponding note. Generally, interest rate increases result in higher monthly payments.

First-Time Homebuyer

Buying your first home? We have a variety of loan programs designed to help first-time homebuyers, including special loans for borrowers with low and moderate income. These loans feature below-market rates and minimal or no down payment. Programs may even be available to assist you with closing costs. Our mortgage experts can provide all the details and help you determine whether one of these programs suits your needs.

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Construction Mortgages

Washington Trust has been helping customers finance the construction of their new homes for many years. You have the option of a fixed or adjustable rate product. We offer a 12 month interest only construction term. Our construction loans are available for primary or 2nd homes, purchase land and construct home, construction of home on your land, rehabs or additions to your current home and modular homes. Disbursements are made quickly and are handled at the local level with an experienced, knowledgeable staff. Our mortgage experts make the process easy and efficient - there's one application, one approval, one closing, and competitive rates and fees.

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Reverse Mortgages

If you're a homeowner age 62 or older, a reverse mortgage could be right for you.

For more information about reverse mortgages, please contact , Reverse Mortgage Specialist. Brian specializes in reverse mortgage education and consultations for senior homeowners and their families and professionals in the field of Elder Services. He has more than 20 years of mortgage loan and management experience. Common misconceptions about Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage Overview



Brian Mahone

Brian Mahone

Vice President, Regional Manager

NMLS #8982


Contact: Brian

Sharon, MA Office

Phone: (774) 218-0582

For Reverse Mortgage:
We arrange but do not make loans.

This material is not provided by, nor is it approved by the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) or by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). You should consult your benefits specialist, or financial advisor as Reverse Mortgage payments may have an effect on your particular situation. Consult your tax advisor

Affordable Housing Programs

Washington Trust Mortgage Company is committed to making the dream of home ownership a reality for our neighbors. We offer several affordable housing programs and options to help homebuyers. Speak with a Washington Trust mortgage loan officer, who can tell you about programs to meet your specific needs.  Learn more

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VA Loans

Exclusively for Veterans and Military Personnel

We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through your VA loan.

The benefits of a VA loan:

  • Available to Active Duty, Veterans and Reservists
  • Not Limited to First-Time Home Buyers
  • 100% Financing*
  • Closing costs may come from a gift or be paid by seller
  • VA loans to $1.5 Million
  • VA IRRRL - Streamline Rate Reductions Refis
  • No Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premiums
  • No Funding Fee for Disabled Veterans
  • Primary Residence: Single Family Residence 1 to 4 units, Condos and Planned Units Developments (PUDs)

*100% allowed up to county limit.
Washington Trust is not an exclusive provider of VA home loans and is not a division of or affiliate of the United States Veterans Administration. MA Mortgage Broker License #MC901927, MA Mortgage Lender License #MC901927, RI Lender License #20122863LL, RI Loan Broker License #20122864LB, NH Mortgage Banker License 18233-MB, Licensed by the New Hampshire Banking Department

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