About Lisa

Lisa, Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Loan Officer, has more than 18 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Lisa is a Certified Mortgage Advisor (CMA) and specializes in Conventional Financing, Construction Lending, Doctor’s Loan Program, Jumbo Financing, Portfolio Lending, VA and FHA loans. Lisa is an active member of the Rhode Island Mortgage Bankers Association (RIMBA) and resides in Westerly, Rhode Island.

What Lisa's Customers are Saying:

  • "Lisa was an absolute joy to work with during the process".
  • "Lisa provided exceptional help through my mortgage process. I recommend her highly and am grateful to have worked with her".
  • "The entire process was easier and quicker than I anticipated. Lisa contacted us immediately after we submitted our application. She was on top of everything from that moment on. Every step in the process was timely and the entire refinance from start to finish was extremely efficient".
  • "Everything was perfect - Lisa was awesome throughout the entire process. Questions were answered quickly, and any issues resolved with minimum stress and effort on my end. Was a great experience"!