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Business Spotlight: A-List Me

In a world where Social Media is over saturated, it is sometimes difficult to stand out. That's where A-List Me comes in! Bridging the gap between brands and influencers, A-List Me is a results-driven agency and your needs are their top priority. Whether you’re working on a marketing campaign, product launch, or building brand awareness, the A-List team of hard working professionals are ready to help you exceed your goals!

Owner David Gosselin started A-List Me while working as an Engineer at Electric Boat. At the time, he was also managing his girlfriend’s music career. After working a full day at EB, driving down to NYC after work to do music stuff, driving back to Rhode Island late at night, and often sleeping in the EB parking lot because he was too tired to finish the drive home at 3am, he decided to end the rat race, and started his own business. His girlfriend was his first client and as his clientele grew, so did his business.

Rhode Island is filled with great people, which makes it a great place to own a business, and Washington Trust has helped his business function at a high level when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. When the PPP loan applications opened, most banks were only paying attention to their biggest customers. Small businesses were left out to dry. Washington Trust was able to answer all of David’s PPP loan questions and quickly provided his company the funding needed to operate through the pandemic.

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