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Business Spotlight: NOsquito

Looking for a natural way to eliminate pesky mosquitoes?

Do you love spending time in your yard, but are worried about ticks and mosquitoes? Are you looking for a safe, non-toxic solution to rid yourself of these pests? NOsquito, of Clayville, Rhode Island, has the solution for you.

Francois Karam, owner and operator of NOsquito, wanted to use an all-natural solution for his own property. Since he is a beekeeper, chicken farmer, has multiple pets, and spends a lot of time outdoors, he was adamant about finding a natural solution. After doing an extensive amount of research and testing different products he found that combining specific doses of natural ingredients work great to fight against ticks, fleas & mosquitoes. He found that a combination of garlic, and essential oils work great to repel and suffocate these pests, and garlic works great to repel deer from eating your favorite arborvitaes, too! These products are used in every application of your home as they are used in his and his family’s.

In 2020, Karam decided to leave his career as an architectural designer and take a step back from the day to day to spend more time outdoors & with his growing family. With that he started NOsquito as a small venture treating for mosquitoes at family, and friends’ homes. NOsquito grew quickly and the demand for an all-natural treatment was apparent!

Working for himself has been a blessing, allowing Karam more time to spend with family, focusing on what makes him happy and allows him to tackle more things in life. When he was ready to start his own business, he turned to Washington Trust. “Washington Trust truly cares about the growth of my business,” says Karam “The Bank made sure I was utilizing all the resources available to me to help my business succeed. Unlike big corporate branches they care about the little guy.”

Maintaining a safe environment that is non-toxic and chemical free in clients’ homes is the goal at NOsquitol. Says Karam, “My favorite part of my job is when my customer's kids greet me at their windows with a smile and a wave! It's the sweetest most honest interaction I have with my customers. Seeing my friend's kid's waving with a monster smile is the best.” Discounts are available for referrals, payment for full season upfront and early sign up! To learn more or for a free estimate, visit the NOsquito website at or call them at 401-654-8586.

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