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Business Spotlight: PAWSitively Physical Therapy

Did you know that physical therapy can be just a beneficial for pets as it is for humans? If your pet is having trouble getting around or exhibiting signs of pain, look no further than PAWSitively Physical Therapy, LLC in Providence, RI. Located within The Dog House on the East Side at 1255 North Main Street, PAWSitively Physical Therapy’s mission is to promote greater qualities of life for senior and disabled pets, facilitate recovery for injured dogs, and bring awareness to physical therapy as an alternative to surgery or euthanasia.

Megan Miller, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, started her career working with humans, but it wasn’t long before she ended up opening a physical therapy practice for animals. Time and time again, she saw the benefits physical therapy provided animals, so she decided to pave the way by creating a pet physical therapy service in Rhode Island. She says, “Owning a small business in Rhode Island is truly something special because of the networking! The strong community makes word-of-mouth advertising in our state unlike any other. It has been absolutely exhilarating to network with doggie daycares, dog walkers, rescues and other animal lovers of Rhode Island.” Washington Trust has been there for Megan, helping her business succeed by offering a small business account with affordable rates.

Megan obtained her B.S. in Health Policy & Management from Providence College in 2010 and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Rhode Island in 2013. She has been a physical therapist for 8 years and an animal lover for 33 years. Megan has a very special place in her heart for all animals, especially dogs, so she went on to receive training at The Canine Rehab Institute in Florida to learn to apply physical therapy to treat dogs as well! She then gained 2 years of experience working as a canine rehabilitation therapist. In December of 2020, Megan decided to start her own business traveling to animal rescues and pets' homes delivering physical therapy to dogs and catsShe now offers both clinic & home visits for dogs, as well as home visits for cats and horses! Needless to say, she loves every second of working with her furry patients, no matter the breed!

You can easily book an appointment online at or give Megan a call at 401-440-7045 to find out if physical therapy is right for your furry friend!

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