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Business Spotlight: What Cheer Writers’ Club

What Cheer Writers Club is a nonprofit serving Rhode Island's creators of the written, spoken and illustrated word. The non-profit was started to carve out a dedicated space where writers, translators, editors, illustrators, podcasters, journalists and more could connect and grow. Over 300 local writers and podcasters are now members of What Cheer Club, and they were recently nominated as PVD Monthly’s 2020 Who To Watch!

Writing, illustration and podcasting are often solitary and less-than-lucrative crafts. Yet, the literary arts, podcasts and journalism are critical for our culture and understanding of the world. As a 'Creative Capital', Providence should be a place for the content arts to flourish. Founded in 2018, the Club serves as a central, umbrella organization supporting and providing space to many of Rhode Island’s writing-related nonprofits, as well as providing coworking, networking and career support to individual writers. Plus, dozens of local podcasters flourish in our audio studio. Lastly, we also support the reading and podcast fan public with LitRI, a free email and social feed on the 1,000+ literary events happening in RI every year.

Due to COVID-19, What Cheer Writers Club's physical location at 160 Westminster Street is currently closed. No coworking, podcasting, or space rental will be available until further notice. However, it is still their mission to provide their Members with community, connection and creative space. So, the Club has launched a virtual community to keep their Members connected to each other and to the Club. Current Club Members can email for access. If you would like to join the Club during this time and surround yourself with a creative community, you can do so at

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