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Peanut Butter

Since Washington Trust started its Peanut Butter Drive in 2001, we have collected more than 115 tons of peanut butter!  Why peanut butter? It's high in protein, loved by children and adults, and expensive for families in need.

One jar of donated peanut butter will make 16 sandwiches for a hungry family!  

Start a Collection

Peanut ButterStart a collection at your business, school or community group.  Click here to fill out a participation form to get started.

Drop off a Jar or Two

Peanut ButterDrop off peanut butter at any Washington Trust Branch location or visit any of the participating schools, businesses and community groups.

Donate Online

Peanut ButterMake an online donation to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.  A $5 donation can help the food bank buy 3 jars of peanut butter!

Spread the Word

Peanut ButterJoin the conversation on Facebook and Twitter! Help us spread the word about hunger in Rhode Island.



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