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At Washington Trust, we are committed to supporting our customers, their families, and our communities on their journey to financial wellness. We are proud to share our digital resource library that provides free, interactive and relevant financial education for all ages. We invite you to explore our collections of articles, calculators, interactive coaching sessions and even full courses that will help you learn, reflect and chart your path forward.

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Managing Debt

Many people find themselves in debt, and many people also find ways out of it. Don't be discouraged, there are ways to manage piling debt and come out on top.

Buying a Home

The process of buying a house is riddled with decisions. Make the right ones to prevent a needless financial setback. Learn more about the home buying process.

Teaching Kids Finance

Teaching kids about personal finances gives them a head start, and we don't just mean piggy banks! Help kids master strategies in investing, saving, and even credit.

Planning for an Emergency

It's impossible to predict a car breaking down or losing a job, but it's absolutely possible to prepare for the financial blow. Emergencies happen, make sure you're prepared.

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