Once you complete and submit the Bill Payment Registration, you can start paying bills right away.

Please allow 5 business days for check payments to be received. An ACH or electronic payment takes two to three business days.

Check payments will be indicated by a check icon within your Payee List. Electronic (ACH) payments are indicated by a lightening bolt icon.

Within Online Banking, Pending and Processed payments will be listed on the right. Click here to learn more about Bill Payment.

Within the Mobile app, tap the Bill Payment menu. Pending payments will be listed under the Scheduled tab. Recently processed payments will be available by tapping the Payee name.

Contact or visit a local branch or call our Customer Solutions Center at 401-348-1200 or 800-475-2265.

Within Online Banking, click the red x associated with a Pending Payment you wish to cancel. Confirm cancellation. A confirmation message will be displayed.

Within the Mobile App, tap the Scheduled tab and swipe to the left on the desired payment to reveal the red delete button. Confirm the cancellation. A confirmation message will be displayed.

From a desktop computer, select Manage funding account(s) and click Add an account. Enter your account number and routing number (011500858). You will receive to trail transactions to your account. Return to Bill Payment and enter these amounts to validate your account. . If you need to delete a funding account, you must first add your new account and then delete your old account.

To delete a funding account, simple click on the Delete link that corresponds with the account you which to delete.

Funding account management is not currently available on our mobile apps. If you require a change to your bill payment funding account and do not have access to a desktop computer, please contact us at (401) 348-1200 or (800) 475-2265.

Your account will be debited up to two business days after the payment send on date.

For more information about Bill Pay and E-Billing, please contact our Customer Solutions Center at (800) 475-2265 or by email.