Withdraw cash at ATMs, make deposits and make purchases at retailers in store or online

  • Convenient – Access to your money anytime, anywhere and make purchases at retailers in store or online.
  • Flexible - You can also get cash back using your PIN at participating retailers.
  • Secure – Protection against unauthorized purchases and it’s a safer alternative to carrying cash.
Phone in hand

Control your debit card from your phone

Put your debit card and your smartphone together, and you have MobiMoney – the mobile app with card controls to keep your money safe!

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Insufficient Funds to Cover a Debit Card Purchase?

On those rare occasions when there are not enough funds in your account to use your debit card, we can approve the transaction, and advance the funds needed.

Add-It-Up Program

Turn your virtual spare change into savings!

Every time you use your Washington Trust debit card, the amount charged to your checking account will be rounded up to the next dollar and we’ll automatically transfer the difference to the account of your choice. Saving has never been so easy!

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Need a Debit Card?

Simply stop by your local branch or call our Customer Solutions Center at (800) 475-2265.