Receivables Management Solutions

Washington Trust offers various collection services to help you efficiently and effectively manage your cash.

Payables Management Solutions

Our Cash Management Team offers your business a range of easy solutions for all of your reconciliation needs.

Treasury Management Solutions

We offer treasury management solutions to keep your processes efficient and your business profitable.

Government Banking Services

We offer Municipal Services to support government entities, school departments, fire districts, and other taxing agencies.

Cash Management

Credit Card Processing

Businesses need to handle transactions as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. That's exactly what Washington Trust, along with our partner Worldpay, will help you do.

International Services

Washington Trust offers a comprehensive package of international trade products to help your business operate with confidence in the global marketplace. Through us, your company can leverage a network of correspondent banks around the world for cost-effective documentary collections and wire transfers.


Fraud Protection

Washington Trust's Fraud Protection Services help minimize your organization's risk of becoming a target of fraud. While checks remain the payment type most susceptible to fraud, instances of ACH fraud continue to grow.

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