A full range of services

Washington Trust offers your business a full range of services for all of your reconciliation needs. We can help you easily and securely deliver funds to a third party, pay for day-to-day expenses, pay your employees and automate your reconciliation processes.

Reconciliation Services

Washington Trust’s reconciliation services help you improve the efficiency and control of your business disbursement process while enhancing the security of your funds.

Positive Pay

Our Positive Pay solution protects your business from check fraud activity by providing you with a list of exceptions and images, so you can decide to pay or return the items.

ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay allows for control and monitoring of received ACH activity and provides protection against fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Bank Statements and Check Images

Washington Trust delivers your bank statement and paid check images electronically on the first business day after your monthly statement cycle cut-off, facilitating convenient and timely reconciling of your monthly banking transactions.

Wire Transfers

Washington Trust offers outgoing domestic and international wire transfers for payables, with repetitive and non-repetitive capabilities.

ACH Origination

Automated Clearing House (ACH) provides an efficient and cost-effective system for originating payments electronically.

International Trade and Foreign Exchange Services

Offers comprehensive services to help your business operate with confidence in the global marketplace.

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