External Loan Payments allows customers to use an account at another Financial Institution to make a payment to their Washington Trust Loan via Personal Online Banking.

To use External Loan Payments, you must be registered for Online Banking. To register, click here.

Once you are logged into Online Banking, simply select Transfer Money and then Loan Payments.

Within Online Banking, select the Transfer Money menu to access Loan Payments. Select the “+ Add An Account” link at the top right of the menu.

  1. Select the Account Type as Checking or Savings.
  2. Enter your Bank or Credit Union’s Routing Number.
  3. Enter and confirm your Account Number.

Click Continue to submit your Account Information. Validation of the information will occur within two business days from the current day; however you may schedule a payment now to be processed once validation has been completed.

To issue a payment to your Washington Trust Loan from a Washington Trust deposit account, simply use the Transfer Money feature.

Currently, only checking and savings accounts are supported as payment options.

You can use External Loan Payments for any of your consumer loans with The Washington Trust Company.

Currently, the External Loan Payments service is only available for Consumer Loans.

There is no fee for using the service.

The cut off time is 3:45 PM (ET) Eastern Time, not including weekends or holidays.

Yes, you can cancel a payment. You have until 3:45 PM (ET) Eastern Time to cancel a scheduled payment.

Your payment will be processed on the next business day.

In order to issue a final payment and close out a loan, you must contact our Loan Operations Department at 401-348-1336.

Your payment will be returned, which could result in your payment being late and additional fees or charges.

You will have 90 days of External Loan Payment history available to you.

You can schedule one payment per day.

You can schedule no more than 5 (five) payments per loan in a 28-day rolling period.

The daily limit of your External Loan Payment transfer cannot exceed $19,999.99. In a 28-day rolling period, your External Loan Payment transfer cannot exceed $50,000.00.

Yes, you can issue a payment if you don’t have an amount due.

Have another question?

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