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Online Statements Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Online Statement?

An Online Statement is your account statement, accessible through Online Banking and made available as a PDF Document. Notification of statement availability is provided by email using the email address on file for your Online Banking access. The statement document is identical to the statement received through postal mail.

Can I receive a paper statement as well as an Online Statement?

At this time, Washington Trust supports access to one statement type; either Online Statement or paper statement. If you have elected to receive Online Statements and need a printed statement copy, you may print a statement from your personal computer and printer. As the document is a PDF, you may also save a copy of your statement to a secure file location on your computer.

How do I enroll in Online Statements?

Once you have logged into Online Banking, select the Online Statements tab within the primary navigation menu. Please review the disclosure presented, confirm the verification code and select “I Agree” to proceed. All accounts available for delivery as an Online Statement will be listed. Select all accounts you wish to view through Online Banking by toggling the corresponding Online Statement radio button. Accounts listed with ‘Paper Statement’ toggled will continue to be received as a paper statement and will not be available via Online Banking. Any changes made to statement delivery method will be effective as of the next statement end date.

Are there any requirements for access to Online Statements?

To access Online Statements, you must have access to Online Banking and accept the eStatments Disclosure. To view statements, you must have a supported browser and a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Currently supported browsers include:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari 9

To download a current version of Adobe, please click the ‘Get Adobe Reader’ link within the Online Statements page. If you have any additional questions regarding access requirements or require assistance, please visit any branch location or call our Customer Solutions Center by dialing 800-475-2265 or 401-348-1200.

What types of statements are available within Online Banking?

Currently, Washington Trust offers Online Statements for Checking, Savings and Money Market accounts. Loan statements are available in a paper format only. Certificate of Deposit statements are not available at this time.

How many months of statements are available through Online Banking?

Currently, Online Statement history is available for two years within Online Banking. For statements older than two years, please visit a branch location or contact our Customer Solutions Center for assistance by dialing 800-475-2265 or 401-348-1200. Fees may apply depending on the number of statement copies requested.

How do I resume the mailing of Paper Statements?

If you no longer wish to receive a specific account(s) statement as an Online Statement, you may request a change to your statement delivery method by accessing Online Banking and selecting the Online Statement menu. Click on the Settings menu at the center of the Online Statements page. Locate the account(s) you wish to receive as a paper statement and toggle the ‘Paper Statement’ radio button. Click Submit to process the requested changes. Online Statement(s) for the select account(s) will no longer be available through Online Banking. Your paper statement will resume as of the next statement end date.

If I open a new account, will that statement be automatically available as an Online Statement?

When a new account is opened, you may elect to have the account added to your Online Banking access. If you choose to do so, you may access the Online Statement Settings menu to change the statement delivery option to Online Statement instead of paper at your convenience. Your selection will be effective as of the next statement end date.

Are closed account statements available as Online Statements?

When an account is closed, you will no longer be able to view the account under the ‘Accounts’ menu within Online Banking, however you will be able to view any Online Statements within the prior 24 months.

I’m not currently receiving a notification when my statement is available for viewing. How do I make sure my email address is correct?

Once logged into Online Banking, select the My Settings menu at the top right corner of the screen. Select Update Email Address and process any necessary changes. Your changes will be processed as of the next statement notification processing.

For more information about Online Statements, please contact our Customer Solutions Center at (800) 475-2265 or by email.