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What are your savings goals? A new home? Your kids’ education? A retirement that comes sooner rather than later? (Maybe all of the above?) We’d love to sit down with you to discuss your financial goals and determine the best way for you to accomplish them.

Freedom Statement Savings Account

OK, so you want an account that’s dedicated to saving, but you also want to be able to access your money at any time - because life has a habit of throwing us the occasional curve ball. Our Freedom Statement Savings Account is made for you. Your money earns interest to build your savings, and you can make withdrawals at any time. Freedom Statement Savings is also a great way to your children how to save! You can open this with your name and your child’s name; this gives you the convenience to make deposits, big or small, at any time to show your kids how their money can grow.


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Freedom Savings Club Account

The perfect solution for systematically saving for the holidays, vacation, or a major purchase. Make direct deposits to your account at any time; choose when you want to receive your funds.

Visit a local branch or contact our Customer Solutions Center to open an account.

Money Market Accounts

It’s the best of both worlds: You get the earning power of market-competitive rates without tying up your money. Enjoy a higher rate than a checking account while maintaining immediate access to your funds when you need them.


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freedom ultra checking accountCustodial Freedom Statement Savings Account

Is it time to start teaching your children about saving? A Custodial Freedom Statement Savings Account will help your children learn the importance of saving money! Make deposits, big or small, at any time to show children how their money can grow.

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Certificates of Deposit

Have some money that won’t be needed in the foreseeable future? A CD lets you lock in a higher rate for a set length of time, anywhere from 90 days to 5 years, delivering guaranteed earnings. Be sure to ask us about CDARS® Multi-Million Dollar FDIC Insurance.

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freedom ultra checking accountIndividual Retirement Accounts (IRA CDs)

Planning for Retirement?  An IRA CD can help you achieve your retirement goals!

Start saving toward your “someday” today. Opening an IRA CD puts your closer to your retirement goals. And additional retirement planning solutions are available through our wealth management division.

Looking for a checking account?

Combine your Savings Account with a Washington Trust Checking Account and watch your money grow!

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*CDs placed through CDARS are considered bank deposits. They are not DTC eligible and, currently, no secondary market exists. Early withdrawals are available, but require the payment of a substantial penalty.

You should compare the current rates and features of CDs (including CDARS CDs) to other investment alternatives. Past performance may not be representative of future performance or success.

If a depositor is subject to restrictions with respect to the placement of funds in depository institutions, it is the responsibility of the depositor to determine whether the placement of the depositor's funds through CDARS or a particular CDARS transaction satisfies those restrictions. Limits apply. Funds may be submitted for placement only after a depositor enters into a CDARS Deposit Placement Agreement with our bank. The agreement contains important information and conditions regarding the placement of funds by our bank through CDARS.

CDARS is a registered service mark of Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC.

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