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Holiday Security Tips for Online Banking

The Holiday Season is upon us! While we look forward to sharing joyful memories, it’s also a time when fraud and scams are at their most prevalent. Here’s some helpful tips to keep you joyful this holiday season.

Make a Complex Username

Complex Usernames are a great step in making sure that your login information remains secure. Washington Trust already requires a complex password, however we’d like you to consider updating your username if it’s not unique. Click HERE for instructions on how to update your Username.

  • Complex Username means that your username is at least 8 characters. It should have a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.
  • It should not include a name (yours or anyone else), part of your email address or other common username information such as WTC, WT or Username.
  • Consider a phrase such as “1LUV2TRAV3L401”

If it seems too good to be true – it probably is!

Scammers will use many tactics to coerce someone into sending money or sharing information.

  • Your personal information is just as value as the money in your account. Share it only with known parties.
  • Be wary of emails, text messages or phone calls when the person on the other end seems to know some of your information in whole or in part. Washington Trust will always identify themselves when calling. Additionally, we can give you an extension to call us back – starting with our published phone number of 401-348-1200.

Never Share Your Info

A reputable company will never ask to see your Online Banking screen or ask for your login credentials.

  • Screen sharing software can be manipulated to show what the scammer wants you to see; not the actual balances in your account or transactions. Keep in mind, refunds are never instantaneous. It usually takes at least 48 hours to see a credit.
  • If you get a text or email about a service cancellation or a refund due to you; the refund would be posted to your account on file. No one should need to see your accounts or obtain your information to process a credit to your account.

How to Update Your Online Banking Username & Password Guide

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