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How Technology Can Help You Reach Your Customers

Retooling for the new age of CX

A recent survey revealed that 94% of global marketers changed their digital customer experience strategies in the last 18 months to meet new consumer expectations for a more personalized experience.* As consumers have gone increasingly digital, they have become more demanding. Today, people anticipate a seamless, omnichannel inbound and outbound experience. They expect to be able to switch between a mobile, desktop or retail store and still have a consistent brand experience; at the same time, they want customer communications from brands to be considered and personalized based on their specific preferences and previous interactions.

Businesses are transforming their operations

To deliver this enhanced level of service, businesses are engaging with new technologies to digitally transform their customer service operations. They are turning to intelligent automation, including robotic process automation, to reduce average call center handling times, relieve manual input duplication and errors, and handle burdensome back-office processing. They are employing virtual service agents, such as chatbots and conversational bots, to leverage the increasing consumer preference for engaging with text and voice-based systems. And they are utilizing artificial intelligence and data analytics to understand client needs more deeply and respond with more targeted and useful content.

Using technology to improve your client experience

Retooling for a new, more responsive, efficient, and satisfying customer experience is a challenging undertaking. For those businesses beginning this process, we recommend the following first steps:

  • Review current business processes to spot potential problems or bottlenecks, and identify where technology can make a significant improvement
  • Use data from information available on customer interactions to determine the most efficient workflows, and predictive algorithms to optimize merchandise replenishment
  • Adapt and integrate available technologies to the requirements of the re-engineered business processes
  • Engage with client-facing personnel and customers throughout the transformation program to add value and enrich the client experience

Building a positive and rewarding customer experience is becoming a competitive necessity. As you consider your company’s digital future, we are here to help you meet the needs of your customers and maximize the growth of your business in this new customer-centric age.

New Report Reveals 94% of Global Marketers Have Changed Digital Customer Experience (CX) Strategy to Meet New Consumer Expectations, businesswire, October 26, 2021.

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