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From CIO Review - America's Oldest Bank takes on the future of VMWare Integration

August 08, 2018

From CIO Review

Operation Excellence through Virtualization: America's Oldest Bank takes on the future of VMWare Integration

Washington Trust Chief Information Officer, Jim Mignone, and Director of Technology, Daryl Clark, recently wrote an article for CIO Review about the future of virtualization through the Bank's own experience with VMWare Integration.

Founded in 1800, Washington Trust (NASDAQ: WASH) is the oldest community bank in the nation. That record of longevity comes with a responsibility to innovate and adapt to ever-changing operational and technology needs. The vast improvements to efficiency and flexibility provided by virtualization is one such innovation that serves to both streamline and help preserve the Bank’s bottom-line through the next stage of its more than 218 year history.

A focus in the bank’s Services Group (which includes technology) is on pursuing operational excellence in support of the business. That means making things “faster, better, cheaper, and happier” using the tools of continuous improvement.

Few tools have been as big a contributor to operational excellence as virtualization, and at Washington Trust, we have chosen VMWare as our virtualization platform.

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