This service can be used to transfer funds from your accounts at other financial institutions and into your Washington Trust accounts or vice versa.

Once you have added your accounts at other financial institutions and your Washington Trust accounts, you can set up a transfer to or from your Washington Trust accounts.

Any checking or savings account may be used with in the service. Money Markets may also be used; however, you may wish to check with your financial institution to verify if the account can be used. Loan, Brokerage and Business accounts cannot be used within this service.

You can add any account to the service provided you are able to verify ownership by confirming trial transactions.

Access the External Transfers service within Online Banking and click the 'Set Up New Account' link. Simply complete the requested information including Institution Routing Number, Account Number, Type of Account and your Name.

For verification, a small deposit and small withdrawal will be made to each account added to the service within 3 business days. Don't worry - we won't overdraw your account. The deposit will always be more than the withdrawal.

Once the deposit and withdrawal post to your account, return to the 'Manage Accounts' page and click on 'Activate' link. You will be asked to enter the amounts of both transactions. If both values entered are correct, the account(s) will be activated.

Currently, you can use this service to transfers between your accounts.

Yes, you can set up a future-dated, one-time transfer or you can schedule a recurring transfer.

International transfers are not available through this service.

Standard Transfers will be completed within 3 to 5 business days. Expedited Transfers will be completed within 2 business days. Please note, transfers cannot be scheduled to process on Bank Holidays or weekends.

Accounts must be activated before a transfer may be processed. Refer to the 'Manage Accounts' section to determine the current status of an account. If the account is Locked, please contact the Customer Solutions Center at 800-475-2265 for assistance.

Yes, any fees or transaction limits associated with your accounts by individual financial institutions apply to transactions submitted through the External Transfers service.

Please contact the individual financial institution to determine if there are any fees or limits associated with accounts you have added to this service.

You may cancel a transfer by clicking the 'Cancel' link within the Pending Transfers screen. Transfers that list a status other than 'Pending' cannot be cancelled.

You can check the status of your transfer with the service by clicking on the History menu and reviewing the 'Transfer' section.

A Transfer request will be unsuccessful if it cannot be posted to your account. The most common reasons for failed or returned transfers include:

  • Insufficient Funds
  • Closed Account
  • Dollar or Transaction Limits exceeded

You will receive an email regarding the status of your transfer. Please contact the Customer Solution Center 800-475-2265 with any additional questions.

For more information about Online Banking, contact our Customer Solutions Center at (800) 475-2265 or by email.