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Real Estate and the New Workplace - It’s Time to Reimagine Your Workplace

Flexibility and the 21st-century workplace — Building for how, when, and where workers choose to work

Increasingly, businesses are recognizing the need to reconfigure the workplace to positively enhance employee engagement, productivity, and innovation in the digital world.

Today, work is driven by the exchange of ideas, collaboration, and communication. In the “office,” this means flexible workspace design, open floor plans, greater mobility, and workspace choice. The modern workplace is being designed to better conform to the ways ideas are generated, becoming more adaptable, elastic, and responsive to what both individuals and teams are doing. It is an environment where employees can script their own workplace experience.

At the same time, the physical “office” is being redefined to include facilities for workers who choose to come to the office, those who wish to work remotely, and those in between who want a “sometimes” office experience without the hassle of traveling to a remote, centralized location. Headquarters office buildings are being abandoned for smaller satellite offices and other shared working spaces.

The evolution of the workspace, accelerated by advances in technologies and behavioral changes brought about by the pandemic, is driving significant changes in commercial real estate development and design. To remain competitive and attract and nurture the most productive employees, businesses must keep pace with these changes and meet the challenges, both in resource allocation and innovative design, to do so effectively.

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