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20 years ago, Lori started a career as a massage therapist to support her family. She started as the only employee in one very small room and grew her business into a seven-therapist massage studio! After a ten-year run, she decided to make a chance but continue to help people with their overall health, and opened a health and wellness clinic in Westerly!

Every day, thousands of people fall victim to fraudulent emails, texts and calls from scammers pretending to be their bank. And in this time of expanded use of online banking, the problem is only growing worse. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission’s report on fraud estimates that American consumers lost a staggering $1.9 billion to these phishing schemes and other fraud in 2019 — and the ongoing pandemic has only increased the threat. Imagine where we are in 2020.

For over 20 years, Joy Rich has been beautifying special events and weddings with her ‘natural approach to flowers with an English garden flair.’ Joy graduated from the URI Plant and Soil Sciences program in 1983, and opened Flowerthyme right after graduation. She enjoys using her talent to work with couples and create arrangements for romantic weddings throughout New England.

Christine Rockwell saw the need for a kennel alternative for area pets, and wanted to keep her pet-sitting clients, while still being able to work from home. So, she and her husband, Dennis, a career firefighter, started Watch Dog In Home Boarding LLC in Kingston, RI. The couple’s own dogs, Salty, a 8 year old Australian Shepherd, Bronx, a 6 year old Golden Retriever, and Cally, a 4 year old Black Lab, love having friends over to play. Their "host cat", Bagheera, is dog savvy and loves making guests feel at home, too.

Lynn Eglington, owner of Fuel Coffee Bar, had a passion to own a coffee shop on an island in the Caribbean. And, while Narragansett isn’t quite the Caribbean, it is a beautiful beach community, so after years as a medical professional, Lynn decided to hang up her stethoscope and make Fuel Coffee Bar a reality!

Dianne became a Medicare Advisor three years ago, when she saw that her current employer only offered limited Medicare products. She enjoyed helping people sort out the confusion of going on to Medicare, and wanted to be able to offer all available products and continue her work in the insurance industry.

What Cheer Writers Club is a nonprofit serving Rhode Island's creators of the written, spoken and illustrated word. The non-profit was started to carve out a dedicated space where writers, translators, editors, illustrators, podcasters, journalists and more could connect and grow. Over 300 local writers and podcasters are now members of What Cheer Club, and they were recently nominated as PVD Monthly’s 2020 Who To Watch!

Alan knows the importance of providing protection for your home! Many things can happen when you’re away from your home: fallen trees, broken windows, leaking pipes and more. Beach Home Watch monitors your home for these mishaps, addresses the problem, and provides you with plenty of feedback.

When David “Mac” McLoughlin of American Chest Company in North Kingstown, RI, started his business 15 years ago, what was most important to him was that his products be American-made. In his search to increase production, while still maintaining the highest quality woodworking, Mac chose to partner with Amish craftsmen who are known for the integrity and beauty of their work.

Minnie was born on a beautiful rice farm in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam and grew up in a loving, food-obsessed family in Pawtucket, RI. Back then it was hard to find quality Asian ingredients at their local grocery stores to make their favorite dishes. So, they grew and preserved their own foods in order to connect with their culture and to enjoy healthy and delicious family meals together.

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