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Financial Tips for the New Year
By Washington Trust / January 6, 2017
As seen on The Rhode Show. With a good financial plan, you can set goals that will put you on the path toward long term financial security. Here are 3 things you can do on your own, right now, this year, to increase your financial fitness.

People of Washington Trust: Alicia Martinelli
By Washington Trust / January 3, 2017
There are so many reasons to choose Washington Trust, one of which is our people. In this edition of our “People of Washington Trust” series, get to know Alicia Martinelli, Manager of the Washington Trust branch in Johnston, Rhode Island (1383 Atwood Avenue).

People of Washington Trust: Melissa Anderson
By Washington Trust / December 13, 2016
There are so many reasons to choose Washington Trust, one of which is our people. In this edition of our new “People of Washington Trust” series, get to know Melissa Anderson, Manager of the Washington Trust branch on the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island (229 Waterman Street).

People of Washington Trust: Scott Haggerty
By Washington Trust / November 15, 2016
There are so many reasons to choose Washington Trust, one of which is our people. In this, the first edition of our new “People of Washington Trust” series, get to know Scott Haggerty, Manager of the Washington Trust branch in Rumford, Rhode Island (330 Newport Ave.)

Cyber Security Planning
By Washington Trust / October 19, 2016
Is cyber security topping your list of concerns? Not likely – you might know this needs attention, but cyber security probably doesn’t make your list until something happens. For instance you receive an aggressive phone call from someone who identifies themselves as an IRS agent saying pay up or be arrested, or an e-mail pops up with a suspicious looking link, or a letter from your credit card company arrives in the mail asking you to verify a series of purchases from places you have never been.

Surf Safely: Protect Yourself and Your Finances From Online Scams
By Washington Trust / October 6, 2016
Cyber crime is serious business. Learn what steps to take to protect your finances and your good name while online.

Teach Your Children to Save for College
By Washington Trust / September 23, 2016
Being part of the college planning process can be very educational for children, as it presents them with valuable financial lessons for the future.

Identity Theft: Don't Become a Victim
By Washington Trust / August 4, 2016
Identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes in America. This unauthorized access to your personal information is used to open new financial accounts or access your existing accounts, enabling the thief to steal your money or charge items on your credit card, leaving you with the bills. But with a few common sense efforts, you can avoid becoming a victim.

Financial Records: What to Toss and When
By Washington Trust / July 28, 2016
Bank statements, credit card bills, canceled checks and other documents can be useful for tax purposes, as proof of a transaction or payment, or for other reasons. But how long should you keep them?

Signs of Identity Theft
By Washington Trust / July 21, 2016
If you suspect that someone is misusing your personal information, acting quickly is the best way to limit the damage. Washington Trust offers some advice to keep you aware of how identity thieves operate and tips to help keep you vigilant.

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